About Us

Water Lovers

For over 40 years, in different locations and team members (even multi-generations) we seek to showcase our love of water sports

Our Mission:

The purpose of the Grand City Show Skiers is to promote the sport of water skiing through group participation, ski shows, learn to ski clinics, public appearances, tournaments and associated recreational activities for the mutual benefit of the members; to develop facilities for water skiing; to stimulate interest in water skiing among non-skiers in the community; to work for greater safety in water skiing and boat driving, and to represent water skiing to the West Michigan Community.
Some Cool Facts

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Ski Ropes Used Per Show
+ 0
Years of Experience
Age of Oldest Teammate (Youngest is 2 yrs old!)

Our Home Base is located at the beautiful Ross Park Beach on Mona Lake in Norton Shores